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Infinity2 and Ecoquest have now been purchased by Vollara. The same quality products under a new name and new packaging.

Order the world’s finest nutritional products online in a safe and secure environment. Take your time, and educate yourself on our products. Others may mimic us, but don’t be fooled by substitutes.

Founded in 1993, Infinity2 is dedicated to a mission of “enhancing and enriching the quality of life for millions of people worldwide”. Now renamed as Vollara. With the Vollara products, people across the globe now enjoy more energy, vitality, good health and a higher quality of life. Vollara’s natural products are unrivaled anywhere and continue to bring priceless satisfaction into the lives of those who use them. Infinity2 has earned the reputation of having the highest quality, most effective products available.

It’s no wonder that numerous professional sports organizations, hundreds of professional athletes, thousands of health care professionals and hundreds of thousands of delighted customers recommend Vollara products. Built on an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity and excellence, Vollara has become an established leader in the wellness industry.

Trust Vollara to continue providing revolutionary, safe and incredibly effective products that get results.

You already know water, air, food and nutrition is essential for life. It is absorbed by the body to fuel cells, transport blood, remove wastes, and support almost every other vital function. Much of the water that is available today is either acidic, contains unwanted impurities, or both. This can affect health, aging, and general well being.
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